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House Reform Group is an active real estate investment group invested primarily in the fast-growing Florida metropolitan areas. We leverage more than five decades of experience in asset management, architecture, and development to create real estate investments that build value and minimize risk for the investors. Our winning combination of high-returns and risk-adjusted strategies has led to an almost perfect track record of investment success.

Our Philosophy

Value with responsibility

House Reform Group was founded by Tingjun Lei and Yu Bi with the mission to bring investors the best real estate investment by binding architecture, development and asset management into a single practice. Since our inception, we have converted and renovated both residential and commercial properties to add values to the properties and bring great returns to our investors. By integrating multiple practices into every project, we’re able to maximize space and value, minimize costs and waste, and preserve the style and substance of every property.

What we do?


We purchase single families/townhouses/condos, apartments, retails and warehouses with a very specific set of criteria. We focus on creating values to the properties and maximize the cash flow for investors – while also maximizing equity growth through forced appreciation.


We develop uniquely designed single-family/multi-family properties for short-term/long-term rental to maximize the returns to the investors.


We have in-house management – with over 50 years of combined experience – working efficiently to increase income, decrease expenses, and manage tenant satisfaction. This helps drive Net Operating Income, and ultimately, investor returns.


Although we anticipate large equity growth, we also know that regular cash flow is important. That’s why we process regular distributions — typically quarterly.

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