How It Works​

How It Works

House Reform Group offers its investors a unique opportunity to invest in real estate offerings that were once inaccessible. We have a dedicated team that is here to answer any questions you may have – at any time. Our investor portal allows investors to log in 24/7 and get updated reports, financials, and all the information on their investments in real-time.

The Process

1. Sign up for the Investor Portal

Reach out by clicking on the ‘Invest’ button, or send us a message in the ‘Contact’ section.


2. Review the Current Offerings

Reach out by clicking on the ‘Invest’ button, or send us a message in the ‘Contact’ section.


3. Decide to Invest

Once you decide to invest in a particular offering, we try to simplify the process. You can either sign up directly through our secure online portal, or our Investment Relations Manager can contact you directly. Legal documents can be signed online, and all offering documents will be accessible 24/7.

4. Track our Progress

Receive clear and transparent quarterly and annual updates and reports to keep you informed on each particular investment.

5. Collect Returns

Receive distributions directly to your bank account by wire or we can send you a check by mail. We will keep you informed and send you your share of the profits based on the investments operating agreement.

The Benefits

  • Diversify and deploy capital conservatively in projects that can lower their overall risk profile and allows investors to hedge and divest risk through the real estate cycle.


  • Passive real estate investing is a ‘hands-off’ strategy that allows you to put your money to work in various real estate investments without getting involved in the day-to-day operations.


  • Leverage the experience of seasoned and professional sponsors and operators.


  • Capitalize on the tax advantages of real estate. Numerous strategies can be implemented to maximize gains via deductions, tax deferrals, depreciation and capital gains.


  • Invest with money saving vehicles such as Self-Directed IRA’s, which allow you to grow your gains with deferred tax or tax free. Growth which over time can have a significant, positive effect on future wealth.

Why House Reform Group?

The Fundamentals

  • Sponsor Co-Investments
  • Successfully Exited Investments
  • Third Party Accounting upon request
  • Quarterly Investor Reports

Vertical Integrations

  • Asset Management
  • Leasing
  • Property Management
  • Architecture
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Investor Relations

Core Concepts

  • Simplified Investing
  • More than 50 Years of Experience in Real Estate combined
  • No Upfront Fees, Management Fees, or other Fees.
  • Established Expertise

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