Managing Partner

Tingjun Lei, Ph.D

Dr.Lei has a  Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering. He started investing in Real Estate in 2013 and now he co-manages more than $30M real estate assets. He is also a Business Partner and an investor in a fast-growing medical startup since 2014. In addition, he co-founded and co-manages a Hospitality Group since 2018, which generates more than $16M revenue annually. Throughout his career, he has extensive experience in managing cross-functional team, and has multiple successful investments in Healthcare, Real Estate and Hospitality industry.

Managing Partner

Yu Bi

Yu Bi has a Master degree in Hospitality Management and she is a Real Estate agent since 2013. She started investing in Real Estate in 2013 and now co-manages more than $30M real estate assets. She also opened her first restaurant in 2016, and since then grew the restaurant business into a $16M+ annual revenue Hospitality group.  She has extensive experience in Real Estate purchasing, leasing, selling and property management. 

Advisory Board Member

Chun Yi George Huang, PhD

Dr. Huang is the founder and managing partner of Bridge Tower, which is a vertically integrated real estate investment manager and operator managing 1,800 single-family residential properties along with another 1,000 residential properties under development in the areas of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Charlotte. Dr. Huang has a successful track record in multiple sectors including finance, healthcare, research and real estate. He was a Senior Analyst with Sabretooth Capital (a Tiger Cub), a billion-dollar hedge fund in New York City.

Architectural Consultant

Liu, Xin and Su, Jie

Air Architects was established by Liu, Xin and Su, Jie in Miami, USA. It is a complex architectural design firm. The firm is committed to modern architectural practice and theoretical research, conducts extensive design practices in the US and around the world. Their work content covers architectural design, interior design and other professional fields. They started working as House Reform Group’s architectural consultant since 2020.

Financial Controller

Vera Wei

Vera Wei works as Financial Controller at House Reform Group, and she is in charge of bookkeeping and financial statement review, payroll, account payable and property management. She has more than 5 year experience as an accountant with a bachelor in accounting and a master in finance. She loves to learn and analysis to provide supportive information for business decisions.

Office Manager Assistant

Yingying Olivia Zhou

 Olivia Zhou is working as Office Manager Assistant at House Reform Group and helps in Assisting the Managing Partner for office related takes. Olivia graduated from University of Miami from 2020 and started her career at House Reform Group in 2021. She is passionate about learning new skills and self-development. She enjoys overcoming challenges, and have interest in Business Analytics and Business Management.

Property Manager Assistant

Huaer Lin

Lin has management and working experience at five-star international hotels. She has a master’s degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. She is working as a Property Manager Assistant at House Reform Group to help managing and maintaining properties, guest and tenant relationship, leasing, purchase and sales.

Why choose us?

Proven Track Record

We believe a fund is only as good as its track record. House Reform Group has exceeded its targeted distributions every quarter since inception and has averaged a 20%+ net-IRR to Limited Partners on past dispositions.

Cash Flow and Appreciation Offerings

Our unique approach of finding opportunities which can maximize both cash flow and appreciation allow investors to have both by investing in properties that consistently and conservatively provide cash flow, but with value-add opportunities that enable forced appreciation. We want you to make money regardless of future market dynamics!

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